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B2B-Business Database

B2B-Business Database

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The B2B platform delivers enterprise-grade, actionable marketing-ready data so you can identify target accounts for your marketing campaigns based on the apps, technologies and platforms they use.

Consider an Intelligent Database Provider If You Want to Go beyond B2B Contact Lists in the B2B industry; data is less stable and more quickly changing. Experts believe that of all enterprises, over 94% are experiencing data decay in 30-40% of their prospect lists. B2B sales data also decays much more quickly at 70%. This leads to wasted marketing efforts in areas with hidden gaps in the acquired data. DataScrapingServices.com offers an excellent solution with its new Database service, which provides a clear and reliable roadmap to the target prospects, no matter how competitive the market is. DataScrapingServices is the industry leader in data standardization for high-quality, up-to-date contact information. DataScrapingServices offers automated and manual data quality checks, as well as support for cutting-edge technologies. DataScrapingServices provides quality data that is used in multiple industries to compare. It is vetted by automated engines, while being manually checked for accuracy. They provide an extensive B2B database that people can use across the industry. Moreover, constant data cleansing, data validation, and data maintenance provide the right opportunities to expand the net new business funnel and drive full-funnel strategies.

Get Access To The Untapped B2B Database Even In Highly Specialized Markets And Customer Segments

We use advanced machine learning techniques and automation in our B2B Database service at DataScrapingServices. Providing B2B database access in a remarkably short period of time, DataScrapingServices offers a large volume of validated prospect data. With Deep Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, geospecific accurate and refreshed databases can be obtained – a unique differentiator that helps to overcome complex market penetration issues.

DataScrapingServices team members run several data maintenance routines, such as data deduplication, cleansing the data, and standardizing the inputted data to clear out duplicate entries or wrong character entries. The validation process ensures that contact details for prospects match up with what has been inputted into the system. Multiple rounds of depth profiling analyze sales intelligence from the data by extracting information about technographics, demographics, organogram, market signals and competitor information from the system. We offer database compiled from verified, structured, clean and on-demand generated B2B databases – a guaranteed way to ensure your next lead generation campaign is a success. With a quality score for each lead, there’s no wondering about whose high or low.

By improving accuracy and speed, improving profiling depth, reducing manual errors, collecting large volumes of clean, standardized, and high quality data, and lowering costs, the journey toward outstanding market penetration could begin right away for your business!

B2B Database Provider – DataScrapingServices

Get your B2B databases needs met with DataScrapingServices.

  • Database By Job Roles – HR, CFO, CSR, Purchase, Founders

We can build high-quality B2B databases based on job roles within an industry or location. Need to target CSRS or purchase managers in a specific area? No problem, DataScrapingServices can do that, too.

  • Database By Industry – Based On Industries Like Manufacturing Etc.

Do you intend to reach out to the Store managers at all Retail companies with over 50 employees? Not sure where to find them? Here’s where to look.

  • Database By Location – Targeting Companies By The City

Whether you’re looking for a B2B database based on a particular region, a particular city, or a particular region within India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Europe, Singapore, or Malaysia, DataScrapingServices can help.

Provider Of Business-To-Business Databases

Get a free B2B database sample and check if your targeting criteria match.

  • Manufacturing Companies Database         

A high-quality manufacturing B2B database is provided by DataScrapingServices with verified work emails and direct contact numbers across the manufacturing field. Our highly accurate B2B database will allow you to reach out to top manufacturing companies in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Germany and France, based on specific job titles such as CFO in all manufacturing industries or Purchase manager in all manufacturing companies.

  • Funded Companies Database

Our B2B databases allow you to find companies that have recently raised financing in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Germany and France. Additionally, you can get the database customized based on location, industry, or job role. Additionally, you will be able to find out what round of funding the company raised and how much it raised.

  • IT Companies Database (ITES)

With DataScrapingServices, you will be able to find IT companies’ databases as well as the right decision makers with their verified work emails and numbers. Depending on your target persona, you can contact the IT head, the CIO, CTO, CISO, or the company’s Founder/CEO.

  • E-Commerce Companies Database

We are able to provide a database of e-commerce companies, that is, companies who sell their products or services online. In the e-commerce sector there are companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal, Infibeam which sell products online, but there are also companies that sell services online, such as Uber, OLA Cab, Urbanclap which sell services online. DataScrapingServices has B2B databases available for both categories.

  • SAAS Companies Database

It has become increasingly difficult for traditional B2B database providers to keep up with the demands for technology companies, also known as SAAS or Software as a Service companies. DataScrapingServices can provide you with the B2B data for SAAS companies using machine learning.

  • B2B Database By Employee Size

We can customize your B2B data based on how many employees working in company. Using DataScrapingServices ‘s B2B data, you can target companies that have between 50 and 500 employees or those that have more than 500 employees as well as those that have less than 50 employees. You can focus your B2B sales campaigns on the right companies’ segment by targeting their employee size.

  • Other Industries Database

DataScrapingServices ‘s  offers B2B databases for 70+ industries, such as Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, Information Technology, Travel, Internet, E-Commerce, Logistics, among others. Your goal should be to match your B2B data needs to the industry that has the highest conversion rate.

  • B2B Database By Location

Our B2B databases are available for the India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Europe, Singapore markets. Based on the country or a specific city like New York, you can tailor your targeting.

  • Key Executive Database

Using DataScrapingServices you can now target Chief Financial Officers within a company by using a B2B database based on job roles. It doesn’t matter what your job title is, whether it’s a niche title such as Python developers or a standard position such as HR heads, CHRO’s, CMOS, CIOS, CTOs, founders, etc. DataScrapingServices has the capability to provide you with the right decision-maker database for your needs.

  • MNC Database

You wish to target companies that have their headquarters outside your country, but have a branch office in your country. Or, do you wish to target companies that have a head office in your country, but have a presence in other countries as well? The database of DataScrapingServices provides specific information about companies such as Microsoft, IBM, UBER, Amazon, Salesforce, and Dell which are all multinational companies.

List Of Popular B2B Database

At Datascrapingservices, we provide following b2b database lists as per requirement of our client.

  • Angie’s List Contractors Business Email List
  • Attorneys Email Lead List For Germany
  • Australia Businesses Email List
  • UK Business List of Beauty Salons and Hairdressers
  • Beauty Stores Email List Located Globally
  • Canada Accountants Email List
  • Canada Plumbers Email Database
  • Database of Household Appliance Stores
  • Email List of Flower Stores Globally
  • Email Lists for UK Employment Agencies and Recruitment Agencies
  • Europe Businesses Email List
  • France Businesses Email List
  • General Contractors Email List Canada
  • Germany Businesses Email List
  • Get Database of Health Stores Worldwide
  • Get Kid Stores Located Globally
  • Get Worldwide Baby Stores Database
  • Global Hardware Stores Database
  • Canadian Beauty Salons and Hairdressers Email List
  • Inc. 5000 Europe Companies List of 2022
  • Latest Verified Business Lead List For USA
  • List of Electronic Stores Worldwide
  • List of Jewelry Stores Worldwide
  • Live Boutique Stores Email List
  • Live Global Home Stores Database
  • Plumbers Email List Australia
  • Recently Funded Startup Companies
  • Recently Updated USA Lawyers.com Data
  • Travel Agency Email List
  • UK Businesses Email List
  • UK Restaurants Email List
  • UK Tripadvisor Restaurants Email List
  • Up-To-Date Email List Of Tripadvisor Restaurants In The United States
  • USA Businesses Email List
  • USA Companies Email List
  • USA Restaurants Email List And Telemarketing List
  • Weedmaps Dispensaries Email Data
  • Worldwide Clothing Stores List
  • Worldwide Food Stores Database
  • Worldwide Tripadvisor Hotels Email Database

Benefits Of B2B Database:

Quality B2B databases will provide you with the following benefits.

  • Data No Longer Decays

A high conversion rate has been achieved with the most reliable and structured database, thereby accelerating revenue.

  • Expanded Customer Outreach

Make sure that you have the right contact information of your ideal customer profile.

  • Database That Is Constantly Updated

The most reliable, complete, and contactable database despite industry jiggles

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