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Website Data Scraping

Website Data Scraping

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Web scraping (also known as web data extraction or data scraping) provides an automated way to access structured web data in today’s competitive digital world. Scraping is the process of extracting data from another program’s output by using a computer program. Scraping data is commonly done through web scraping, in which applications are used to gather useful information from websites. Using web scraping is useful when the public website you want to collect data from doesn’t have an API, or if its API can only access limited information.

Why Scrape Website Data?

The majority of companies do not want their unique content to be downloaded and repurposed. As a result, they typically do not expose all data as API resources or other easily accessible resources. There is a cat-and-mouse game between web scraping bots and various content protection strategies, in which each attempts to beat the other. Scraper bots, on the other hand, are interested in getting site data regardless of any attempts to limit access to it.

The process of web scraping is fairly straightforward, though the implementation can be challenging. There are three steps in the scraping procedure:

  • Scraper bots send an HTTP GET request to a specific website in order to pull the information.
  • Scrapers parse HTML documents in response to website responses for specific patterns.
  • The scraper bot’s author uses a specific format to convert the extracted data.

Many different purposes can be achieved with scraper bots, including:

  • Content Scraping: Using the content from the website can replicate the unique advantage of a particular product or service that relies on content. A competitor can scrape the reviews from Yellowpages and reproduce the content on their own site, pretending it is original. An example is Yellowpages, whose content is based on reviews.
  • Contact Scraping: Many websites have email addresses and phone numbers in plaintext. A scraper can gather contact details for bulk mailing lists, robo calls, and malicious social engineering campaigns by scraping sites like online employee directories. Spammers and scammers employ this method primarily to find new victims.
  • Price Scraping: With the help of scraping data on pricing, competitors can identify their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and formulate a unique advantage over them.

How Are Data Scraping And Data Crawling Different?

The process of crawling is carried out when search engines like Google send out robot crawlers to index content on the Internet, such as Google bot. The purpose of scraping, on the other hand, is usually to extract data from a particular website. In comparison to web crawlers, scrapers engage in the following behaviors:

  • While scraper bots will pretend to be web browsers, crawler bots will indicate their purpose and not attempt to trick a website into thinking they are something else.
  • Occasionally scrapers will take advanced actions, such as filling out forms, and engage in behaviors in order to reach a particular section of a website. Crawlers will not do this.
  • There’s a text file named robots.txt that web crawlers need to know about, which lays out what data to parse and what areas to avoid when crawling a website. Scrapers often ignore robots.txt. The purpose of a scraper is to pull specific content, so it may pull content that has been explicitly marked as unacceptable by the user.
  • It is increasingly important for companies and organizations to utilize new technologies in order to succeed. Web scraping (also called web data extraction or data scraping) is a tool that provides an automated method for accessing structured web data.

Do You Know If It Is Possible To Scrape Data From The Web?

Most organizations collect images, videos, text, product information, comments from customers (on sites like Twitter, Yell, or Tripadvisor), and pricing from comparison websites. Depending on the type of information you scrape, there are certain legal restrictions.

What Is The Purpose Of Web Scraping?

In order to get a better understanding of how web scraping can be used across various industries, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Price Monitoring

Using web scraping, companies can collect product data and competitors’ prices to see how they differ in price and use the information to create a target price. By targeting this price and selling as much of their products as possible, companies can increase revenue.

Price intelligence & Price Data can be useful for:
– Revenue optimization
– Competitor monitoring
– Brand and MAP compliance
– Dynamic pricing
– Product trend monitoring

Market Research

By scraping your website, you can better understand customer trends and direction for your company. Web scraping puts a high-quality, detailed text of your website that you’ve scraped, into a centralized database.
– Optimizing point of entry
– Competitor monitoring
– Market trend analysis
– Market pricing
– Research & development

News Monitoring

With an efficient Web scraping tool, your company can effectively keep track of the latest news from around the world and understand exactly how necessary and impactful it could be for your company. This includes understanding which aspects in the reporting will make or break your company one single day.
– Competitor Monitoring
– Political Campaigns
– Sentiment Analysis
– Investment Decision Making
– Online Public Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

If companies want to understand how people feel about their products, then Sentiment Analysis is essential. Companies can use web scraping to collect data from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter for a better idea of what the general sentiment about their products is. This will help them in creating better, desirable products that consumers want.

Email Marketing

Scraping data from a website using Web scraping, companies can contact individuals via emails. They can collect Email ID’s from various sources and send bulk promotional and marketing Emails to all the people that own these email IDs.

Real Estate

The digital transformation of real estate in the past 20 years has affected traditional firms, creating new players and increasing competition amongst them. Agents and brokerages can make informed decisions for the best interest of their clients by using scraped product data from the web to create decisions.

  • Monitoring Vacancy Rates
  • Understanding Market Direction
  • Appraising Property Value
  • Estimating Rental Yields

Benefits Of Website Data Scraping

Developing a successful business/service requires rapid action and competitiveness. Web scraping plays a crucial role in the process of achieving success and furthering the business. The advantages and processes of web scraping are outlined below.

  • Cost Savings: Scraping the web results in a reduction of cost and time since it minimizes the amount of time that needs to be spent on data extraction. Scraping tools can be put on automation, so there is less dependency on the human workforce.
  • Results Accuracy: Data scraping is faster and more reliable than manual data collection. With automated scraping, you get results that are impossible for humans to achieve.
  • Advantage in Time to Market: By obtaining accurate results, businesses are able to save time, money, and human resources. As a result, the business is able to have an apparent advantage over its competitors in terms of time-to-market.
  • A High Standard Of Quality: Utilizing scraping APIs, researchers can gain access to clean, well structured, and high-quality data in order to integrate it into their systems.

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