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B2C – Consumer Database

B2C – Consumer Database

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Having a quality database of consumer information can represent a significant investment for B2C marketers. Having a quality database can significantly improve both the targeting and execution of a direct mailing campaign, resulting in greater profitability and better results.

What is Consumer Data?

Data acquisition is essential for businesses wishing to understand their markets and for B2C companies wishing to provide their products and services to consumers. It is important that you have the statistics and figures that you need whether you are launching a direct mail campaign or just getting to know your clients better. Consumers who purchase goods and services will always be interested in finding out how to find ways to reach out to potential new customers and retain those who already have. It’s not a good idea to opt for scattergun marketing.

Utilizing B2C Data

If a consumer database is used properly, it can be the difference between generating a steady stream of sales enquiries and putting a hole in your profit margins.

The following distinctions may be possible to include in consumer data:

  • Age Range
  • Career Status
  • Family Status
  • Geographical Location
  • Homeowner Or Renter
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Sex

A one-off campaign is the limit on renting consumer data for B2C marketing purposes. B2C data practices are heavily regulated. In order to ensure your campaign is as profitable as possible, you should factor B2C database costs into your budget.

What Is Consumer Data And How Can It Help Me?

If you work at a B2C business, then consumer data is going to be the most useful. You’ll need to analyze what campaigns work best and use that data effectively. Your efforts will fall flat if they don’t have good data to back them up. With the vast amount of data available, the best way to proceed is with the relevant information and objectives in mind. For a B2C business, consumer data is a must. Using quality data will evidently increase your chances for success.

If you haven’t already started using a customer database, then now is the time to consider what you are missing out on. A customer database can help retain customers without expensive marketing: but it asks the question of how good your business might be doing if it was getting people’s data.

Consumer Data can influence sales and a brands sense of identity. Not using it is a surefire way to miss the potential gains that it offers.

We Offer More Than 250 Different B2C List Selections, Including:

  • Demographics
  • Life Events
  • Interests
  • Financial
  • Occupation
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Ethnicity
  • Health & Fitness & Beauty
  • Buyers
  • Shoppers
  • Business
  • Children
  • Credit Repair
  • Political
  • Donors
  • Investors
  • Insurance
  • Low End
  • Veterans

List of Popular Consumer Lists

  • Accredited Investor Leads
  • Affluent People Leads
  • Aircraft Owners List
  • Boat Owner Leads
  • Car Owner Leads – Automotive Lists
  • Commercial Real Estate Investor Leads
  • Consumers by Credit Score Lead
  • Consumers by Lifestyle Interests
  • Credit Score Marketing Lists
  • Diabetic Leads
  • Ethnic Lists – People by Ethnicity
  • Fashionista Leads – Fashion Buyer Lists
  • Golfer Lists
  • Hispanic Lists – Hispanic Household Leads
  • Homeowner Lists
  • Households with Children List
  • Insurance Leads
  • Luxury Buyer Leads
  • Medicare Leads
  • Millennial Lists
  • Motorcycle Owner Lists
  • New Homeowner Leads
  • New Mover Leads
  • Nurse List – RN Leads
  • Occupant List
  • People by Occupation List
  • Pilot List – Leads
  • Pre-Mover Leads – Homes For Sale
  • Puerto Rico Resident List
  • Real Estate Investor Leads
  • Religious People Lists
  • Renter Leads
  • Senior Lists
  • Traveler Lists
  • Veteran Lists
  • Registered Voters List

Benefits Of Consumer Data

The advantages that come with consumer data can improve any marketing campaign, regardless of the experience of the marketer. B2C mailing lists are beneficial for all marketers, no matter the level of experience they have.

  • Save Time And Money: Targeted consumer data allows marketers to better target their campaigns, reaching more prospects and reducing waste by eliminating material previously wasted on non-customers.
  • Enhance Consumer Retention: A direct mailer who knows what their target audience needs can tailor their materials based on what they need, not what they want. This is never a bad thing, and marketers will delight at the chance to better understand their audience.
  • New Customers: Consumer mailing lists offer businesses the chance to reach new customers with offers, products and services that they will find appealing. Even if you think your business is doing well, there is a good chance you can expand it. Thus, blind marketing is eliminated, which can have a significant impact on profit.

You need consumer data to make sure you don’t miss out on the market. Research is one of the best ways to develop your product and to improve the experience of your clients. If you want to be ahead of your competitors in B2C direct mailing, start comparing now.

Databases For Consumers: Buying And Selling

It is important to understand the factors that affect a database’s quality before investing in one. When you choose to purchase a database based on quality rather than quantity, you minimize your risks and maximize your profit potential. Quality consumer data should be purchased based on the following factors:

  • Quantity: Purchasing a list that matches the needs of a company four times your size does not always make sense if you are a small business with limited resources. By purchasing the number of consumer leads you can handle, you can limit the potential loss of profit that can result from overextending.
  • Aspects Of Relevance: It is important to find a broker with experience in your industry or sector in order to ensure relevance and expertise. B2C data sellers may compile lists containing leads that match your business objectives, but are not relevant to your business.
  • ‘Freshness’ Of The Data: When buying data from less scrupulous suppliers, you run the risk of getting outdated data. If this is the case, then it won’t be effective for you. Asking about data freshness and requesting a proof of compilation date will prevent this.
  • Data Providers Who Are Reputable Should Be Used: The best way to ensure a good service from your data supplier is to ask questions and do a little research. Taking a look at their website and reading their customer reviews and testimonials is a good idea. Instead of wasting your time on a company that you aren’t satisfied with, you should consider another one. Thanks to DataScrapingServices’s careful vetting of consumer data suppliers against best practice industry standards, only reputable data providers are selected for the service.

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Due to the fact that DataScrapingServices works exclusively with reputable B2C data providers, you can be confident that you will receive high quality quotes.

Quotes for Consumer Data

You might want to consider purchasing consumer data if you want to attract new customers or improve retention of those you already have. If you don’t, a number of opportunities will be lost to you. Find the best deals on consumer data, drop us an email at info@datascrapingservices.com to get free quote for B2C Data / Consumer Data.  


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