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Large Scale Web Scraping

Large Scale Web Scraping

Scrape Data From Website

A large-scale web scraping method involves running many scrapers simultaneously across many websites. As we have already stated, large scale data extraction cannot be handled manually. Information must be collected from a variety of sources using an automated and robust framework that requires very little human involvement. The two types of large-scale web scraping are: parsing content from a large data source like LinkedIn or Amazon, and crawling content from the web.

Get the data you need from multiple sources at super-fast speeds without worrying about being blocked or managing proxies. Our expertise and infrastructure make large-scale web scraping easy with JavaScript, AJAX, CAPTCHA, IP blacklisting and HTML.

DataScrapingServices web data extraction solution eliminates data messy datasets. By using Al and machine learning, we are able to extract multiple volumes of data simultaneously, which enables us to scrape even dynamic web pages – Infinite scrolling, dropdowns, log-in authentication, AJAX, and much more.

In order to scrape the web at scale and target location-specific data, you need a robust proxy management system. Without a healthy and well managed proxy pool, your team will spend most of its time monitoring proxy settings.

Large Scale Crawler

Data extraction from multiple sources is known as large scale web scraping. DataScrapingServices has the ability to extract data from almost any dynamic website – infinite scrolling, dropdowns, log-in authentication, AJAX, and much more.

Web Scraping At Large Scale: Use Case

  • Crawl Multiple Sites

Data can be scraped from multiple web pages and delivered in structured format.

  • Large Scale Web Data Extraction

Gets access to web data instantly using our APIs and Al-powered automated web data extraction services.

  • Customized Site Crawls        

Provide custom data requirements by extracting specific data fields from multiple sources on a regular basis.                                                 

  • Mass Data Extraction

Data scraping from multiple web pages is our specialty. Our crawlers are capable of handling large volumes and complex extractions.

Does DataScrapingServices limit the amount of data it can extract on a large scale?

Our data extraction service does not limit the amount of data that can be extracted, no matter if it’s a local extraction or a large scale crawler.

Which datasets we don’t scrape?

DataScrapingServices does not scrape websites with personal information like credit card details, social security numbers, and other details.

How to scrape data from multiple pages?

Our team will take care of all your data needs, including crawler setup, crawler maintenance, data extraction, and data integration. You just have to tell us which sources to scrape, which datasets to crawl, and the frequency you want to receive top-notch data.

How much mass data extraction costs?

Several factors determine the cost, including:

Total Records

Total Websites

Total Depth Levels

Large Scale Crawling Capabilities

  • Mass Scale Crawler

Deliver data in structured format as continuous feeds by crawling multiple sites.

  • Web Data Extraction

As your web data extraction partner, DataScrapingServices will help you extract data without any limits.

  • Scrape Multiple Sites

Your requirements will determine which sites you should extract data from.

  • Enterprise Crawling

Data extraction from web sites is our forte, especially when it comes to scalability and enterprise quality.

A Simple Way for Businesses To Scrape Dynamic Web Pages

  • Cloud Storage With No Limits

Data can be easily accessed in the cloud with DataScrapingServices, which removes duplicate data from the database and stores it in the cloud can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Additional features include the ability to integrate DataScrapingServices’s API with your own programs or databases for task management.

  • Data Variety And Volume Management

With DataScrapingServices, we manage both variety and volume of data. Our large-scale crawler scrapes dynamic and complex websites at scale, keeping your database up to date at all times.

  • Mass Scraping Solution That Is Agile And Robust

We leverage superior technologies, which we design and custom-build, to meet our clients’ end-to-end data needs. Hence, our advanced solutions are future-proof and support dynamic scraping of web pages.

  • Regular Data Extraction Runs Should Be Scheduled

Schedule web scraping tasks to run on any schedule, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Whatever the data frequency requirement, we can accommodate it.

Why Choose DataScrapingServices for Large Scale Web Scraping Services?

The DataScrapingServices web scraping technology helps businesses make informed decisions and improve operations. Our aim is to be your preferred growth partner by transforming data into a business advantage through transparent, on-time, and high-quality deliverables.

Scraping Websites On A Large Scale: How To Do It

Taking your data extraction process to the next level requires scraping large amounts of data from your website. However, scraping a large amount of data from a website is not easy. In order to get significant amounts of data automatically, you may have to overcome a few challenges.

  • The Dynamic Structure Of A Website

Because many websites now rely on Javascript and Ajax, extracting data from websites has become more complex as well. Both technologies require complicated libraries and difficult scraping tasks.

  • Technologies To Prevent Scraping

With anti-spam solutions, websites can keep away spam. Despite this anti-spam measure, some websites make it difficult for basic web scrapers to penetrate the content. Because of these sophisticated coding algorithms, there may be no technical way to get past them without a middleware like 2Captcha.

  • Loading Time Is Slow

Doing extensive data scraping on a local machine is resource-intensive, which might cause an operating system to crash. Scraping at a large scale will require more computer horsepower and might trigger hardware breaking before the job is complete.

  • An Overview Of Data Warehousing

Extracting data from social media requires large scale machines for storage. The process of data warehousing has to be taken into account because it is expensive to maintain and will also take time.

A cloud extraction service allows you to extract data 24/7 from your target sites and stream it into your database automatically. Another obvious advantage? No waiting around for the job to finish.

  • Multiple Websites Can Be Scraped Simultaneously

With Cloud extraction enabled, it is possible to simultaneously scrape up to 20 websites at a time. This idea is similar to the idea of taking data from a single server and moving it over to your account. There are different priority settings for the scraping so websites will be scraped in the order preferred.

  • Cloud Storage That Is Unlimited

Eliminating the need to upload multiple copies of your data, we can keep all of your existing, clean data in the cloud for easy access. An API for this is also available, giving you the option to integrate this tool with a program or database of your own.

  • Regularly Extract Data By Scheduling Runs

With the ability to set scheduled tasks, this task manager is best for handling regular data feeds like software update emails or similar tasks. Once you complete your task on schedule, it will run as scheduled.

  • Blocking Is Less Prevalent

Cloud extraction technology helps eliminate the chance of being blocked by simply switching to PROXY and HTTP proxy and clearing cookies.

Data-driven practices should be used in computing technology. From social media and news websites, to e-commerce sites, people who use web scraping technologies can gain a competitive edge.

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With over 12 years of experience in web scraping, DataScrapingServices has helped extract web data for more than 1,000 clients, ranging from government agencies and Fortune 100 companies to startups and individuals. We gained a great deal of experience and expertise in web data extraction during this time.

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